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We DEFY NORMAL backpacks.

Normal doesn't cut it, MHM and our products are built entirely around our core value of DEFY NORMAL. To us, Defy Normal is an action and idea that never settles. It’s rebellious, it’s freedom and, above all, it's purpose. This is why MHM exists, we are endlessly inspired by adventure and committed to making the best damn backpacks around. We make them, but they're not complete until...

You give them purpose.

Packs are one of those rare products that empower you to go anywhere, do what you want and are usually with you for your greatest memories. The same backpack has different meaning to each person, only you can decide how you'll use it, what inspires you, and where you'll go. We'll help you carry your stuff better, but the real inspiration is ...

How do you Defy Normal?


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There when you need them, gone when you don't.



Get a feel good, custom fit with dual-pivoting hipbelts, adjustable harnesses, molded & contoured foam.


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