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Packs. Designed For You.

We keep our backpack line focused. In a world where there are too many options and unecessary products, we believe there's beauty in simplicity. That's why we offer a concise line of purposefully designed packs that work harder to handle anything you need them for. That means you get gear designed for you and not retail shelves. This is one of our core Direct Difference principles, this is Direct Design, this is Packs Elevated™.


  • Fifty-two 80 Fifty-two 80

    Fifty-two 80

    I love it when you call me Big Poppa. Throw your hands in the air if you're a true player.
  • Divide 65 Divide 65

    Divide 65

    Divide & conquer so many things.
  • Sultan 50 Sultan 50

    Sultan 50

    All hail the Sultan, king of all loads, packs & carrying.
  • Salute 34 Salute 34

    Salute 34

    Salute this!
  • Switch 26 Switch 26

    Switch 26

    Switch from your old POS bag and you'll never Switch back.
  • Signal 18 Signal 18

    Signal 18

    Signal errrbody, this little pack is so friggin' awesome.