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Snowshoe Adventure

Location: North Cascades
Pursuiter: Kevin Monahan

This winter I decided to go on my first snowshoe adventure to a popular place in the North Cascades just outside the Mount Baker ski area, Artist Point. While in the summertime you can drive a windy road up to the top, in the winter it is a 4-mile roundtrip snowshoe with 1000 feet elevation gain. With the weather forecast looking promising my friend and I decided to check it out but were unfortunately greeted with clouds. The two mountains that are the highlight to see were unfortunately hidden behind the clouds. Once I reached the top and was greeted with clouds I knew the next time I would do this hike would be on a clear night so I could photograph the stars and watch sunrise. Next week I made that a reality.

I managed to find one more photographer who was crazy enough to join me on the 2am journey; we got to the trailhead at 3:30am and made it to the top of Artist Point just after 5am. Once we made it to the top we pulled out our tripods and began firing away. With two hours to go until sunrise, we had plenty of time for different angles, locations, and ideas. It ended up being a long 2 hours as we tried to fight off the wind and minus 10-degree Fahrenheit weather but it was well worth it!

As we began getting ready for the sun to come up we set up our tripods facing the most iconic mountain there, Mount Baker. Right as the sun began to lift up above the peaks behind us the sky and mountain top turned a beautiful pink/purple shade. We were in awe. Despite having seen this mountain plenty of times, the sky conditions paired with the snow made for one of the best landscape scenes I have had the pleasure to shoot. A couple hours later and plenty of more pictures, it was time to head back down. An amazing night and morning I will never forget!

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