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Defy Normal

Do one thing and do it well

We don’t make backpacks as an afterthought to our apparel line, because we don’t have an apparel line. We keep it focused with a line of awesome packs that can handle anything.

never compromise, get more for less

We cut out the bullshit to bring the best packs and experience to you. No middle-men, traditional retailers, trade shows or sales reps. Just you, us and bottle of Chardonnay. Let’s get weird.

The Direct Difference

Direct Design:

We design the best gear possible for you, not to fit the shelving needs at retailers.

Direct Pricing:

No double mark up. We spend more on quality and you still spend less.

Direct Support:

Help whenever you need it, directly from us, even if you’re balls deep in the Amazonian bush.

Direct to you
Traditional retail model

Uncommon Sense

Makes the most sense

Need it, buy it, rent it. It’s all risk free. You have options!

Buy It

Up to 60 days to return it for a full-refund PLUS free shipping, returns & exchanges.


We don’t like the term “rent” but, yeah, you can “rent” and try a bag for 2 weeks. When you decide you need it and want to keep it, the initial “Try It” fee is discounted from the purchase price. If you just need a rental, great, use it for 2 weeks and send it right back to us with a pre-paid return label.

As long as it’s our sack on your back, we good. Now get out there and have fun!

Find a bag that makes sense to you. Meet the squad…

  • Fifty-two 80
  • Divide 65
  • Sultan 50
  • Salute 34
  • Switch 26
  • Slay 24
  • Signal 18