Mile High Mountaineering | backpack suspension

sYnc A.C.™ and Flow A.C.™

Mile High Mountaineering | rigid backpack frame

The sYnc A.C.™ and Flow A.C.™ suspension systems are featured on our Backpacking series packs and are highly acclaimed by many experts.These two frame systems are unique because the shoulder harness and the hipbelt are actually attached to the aluminum frame bar(s) and HDPE sheet. Both frame systems use our VariCant™ dual-pivoting/adjustable hipbelt so the pack moves with you in a balanced and natural motion that will never dig into your hips or pull on you. This offers a complete integrated frame system that carries weight far more efficiently than anything you've ever tried, we guarantee it! The Flow A.C.™ is featured on the Flatiron 38 and the sYnc A.C.™ is found on the Divide 55 and Fifty-Two 80.

  • 1. 0.08 mm Perforated HDPE pulls air to your shoulder blades
  • 2. Mesh Backpanel uses air channels assist moving air in and out to the back
  • 3. Comfy EVA foam wrapped in spacer mesh provides padding and support
  • 4. 20.0 x 3.0 mm 6061-T6 tempered aluminum bar for structure and support  
  • 5. VariCant™ dual-pivoting hipbelt
  • 6. 1.5 mm HDPE Hip Belt frame , featuring an adjust-a-cant system
  • 7. Size markings on shoulder straps
  • 8. 1.5 mm HDPE Frame-sheet
  • 9. Slide n' lock harness adjustment system for Divide & Fifty-Two 80

FlexFlow TS™ Frame and M-Flex™ Frame

Mile High Mountaineering | Suspension

The FlexFlow TS™ is a trampoline style frame system that uses a lightweight aluminum wire frame to tension the mesh and perforated foam backanel. This allows air to flow behind the trampoline backpanel for ventilation and offers great load transfer, flex and motion. Featured on the Bolt 24 and Incline 18.

The M-Flex™ is a lightweight frame system with superb load handling capability. It uses an "M" shaped aluminum wire perimeter frame, HDPE frame sheet and our acclaimed variCant dual-pivoting/adjustable hipbelt. This offers a top-notch suspension system that can flex, rotate and pivot to mimic the motions of your body while hiking. Featured in the Salute 34 and PowderKeg 32**.

**The PowderKeg 32™ uses a slightly different version of this frame called the M-Flex™ Access. The HDPE sheet is removed on the M-Flex™ Access and subsitituted with a tear-away backpanel that is used for a horizontal snowboard carry and a "U" shaped backpanel zipper access.