MHM | Backpack Compartments

Most technical packs these days seem to be pretty bare on innovative and useful features.

We think if you are spending money on a good pack then you should get features that make your time hiking in the backcountry more enjoyable. Our backpacking packs are designed with unique compartmentalized features that allow you to pack, store and carry your gear in the most efficient manner possible. Mile High Mountaineering | hydration compatable sleeping bag compartment MHM | Quickstuff Drysac MHM | Internal Compression System

BackHugger ICS™

Internal Compression System that utilizes the whole area of the internal back panel to compress and stabilize heavy items snug against the back in a space efficient and healthy manner. This compartment is ideal for a tent or other heavy items. Featured on Divide and FiftyTwo 80.

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QuickStuff Pack Sack™

Leave the stuff sack at home! This unique compartment in the bottom of the pack is actually a stuff sack collar built right into the side of the pack. This compartment is ideal for a sleeping bag, tent or clothing and you can stuff it directly into the pack with the ease and convenience of a stuff sack. No matter what you decide to stuff in this compartment, it will simplify loading your pack up in the backcountry. Featured on Divide and Fifty-Two 80.

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Deployable Accessory Pocket

Versatility and convenience are the cornerstone of this compartment. The zippered pocket uses a deployable webbing and our quickclip system to keep accessories hidden from sight but within easy reach to clip on your hipbelt when needed. Our small Dryloc bag™ also clips and stows easily in this pocket for a waterproof stash bag that is perfect for keeping a small digital camera dry and at hand. Dryloc bag™ sold separately. Featured on Divide and Fifty-Two 80.

Hydration Sleeve

No more wrestling through your gear to access your water bladder. Located under the top lid for easy access, refilling has never been easier while on the trail. Water Bladder not included.

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