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Mile High Mountaineering | backpack Compression sacks

Compression Stackers™

Pack-shaped block compression sack that stacks perfectly in a backpack, or luggage, for a simple and very efficient packing system. Available in medium or large.

  • MD: 900 cu. in. (14.8 liters)

  • LG: 1200 cu. in. (19.7 liters)

  Mile High Mountaineering | waterproof storage bags

Snack Stacker™

The Snack Stacker™ is a product of a "man I wish" moment we had while backpacking and were sick of eating freeze-dried food out of a pouch. This accessory is a must have for anyone that wants a better food storage solution in the backcountry. The Snack Stacker™ is an insulated foam cube that allows you to pack those perishable foods that you used to leave at home when backpacking. That's right, chicken and burgers 8 miles deep in the backcountry! It get's even better though, we included a lightweight aluminum grill that stows in the bottom sleeve of the cube as a convenient way to cook your food. There is also a sealed mesh pocket on the inside top lid of the to keep condiments and other ingredients organized.

  Mile High Mountaineering | clothing storage pillow

Pillow Stackers™

Pack-shaped zippered bag that doubles as organized storage and a comfortable pillow. The pillow has soft micro-fiber on one side and a zipper on the other side to load soft items such as clothing to give the pillow its loft. It pairs well with the compression stacker as it can be placed inside with other contents and compressed for ultimate packing efficiency. Available in medium or large.

  • MD: 425 cu. in (6.8 liters)

  • LG: 500 cu. in. (8.2 liters)

  Mile High Mountaineering | waterproof storage bags

Dryloc Bags™

A perfect durable and water-proof storage solution. This sealed storage bag will keep your valuables protected and dry on the trail. Ideal for sealing items such as a cell phone, small camera, wallet, keys etc... The bags can be clipped in the top pocket of our packs so you won't have to worry about your valuables falling out during a hike. The small stash bag can also be clipped to the hipbelt on any of our packs for keeping goods at easy reach and dry. Available in small, medium and large.

  • SM: 14 cm (height) x 19cm (width)

  • MD: 19 cm (height)  x 24cm (width)

  • LG: 24 cm (height) x 29cm (width)