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Defy Normal. Forge Your Own Path.

One of the hardest questions in life to answer is WHY. Who, where, what & when are simple and usually answered quickly with fact. Why, on the other hand, is really the only emotional and deeply interpretive question in the bunch.

I graduated college in 2009 during the height of the recession, surrounded by uncertainty and a huge aversion to joining the “white collar” world. That somehow led me away from my job cleaning windows to start my own company designing backpacks. Growing up in Colorado, I spent my entire life outside with a backpack so it seemed to make sense as to  “WHY” I wanted to make packs. However, when I started MHM, I was a young and dumb 22 year old and it took me almost a decade to truly understand WHY I started MHM…

This is me. I’m outside with a backpack in Montana. I’m trying to make sense of how awesome this view is, how much I love what I do and why I do it.

Now I’m still pretty young and dumb but I’ve gotten a little wiser over the years. After some deep soul digging, looking back on my life and all the experiences we’ve been through creating MHM, the best way I can describe our “why” is the idea of forging our own path, ignoring normal, and living our own lives the way we want. Our “why” simply comes down to “Defy”.

The idea of “defying normal” is something that’s true and deeply personal to myself and Casey, who is one of my best friends and has been right there with me for most of the MHM journey. This idea is important to us, as individuals, it’s not some random tagline dreamt up by a marketing department, which we don’t have. Defy is not just a word, it’s an action that never settles, it’s rebellious, it’s hope & freedom. It can never be exactly defined because everyone has the ability to define exactly what their journey is and what “defying normal” means to them. Defying normal is a journey that is no bull-shit and only what matters to you. Everything we do is inspired by the journey of forging our own path, making it our own and cutting out the BS. This is exactly what led to the start of MHM and every single product we design.

Best friends, man’s best friends, backpacking, edge of a cliff. No room for any bull-shit here.

We don’t make backpacks as an afterthought to our apparel line because we don’t have an apparel line. We cut out the BS, keep it focused, simple and concise. Backpacks are the only thing we do and we do it damn well. We’re an authentic backpack company that only cares about giving you the best bag out there so you can easily carry your stuff and focus on what really matters: the experience of your journey and how you choose to defy normal.

Jeff & Casey

Casey and I hard-styling in the middle of nowhere like this was our private heli.The smoke-jumpers trying to fight the fire just out of the frame weren’t so amused.

Really we’re just a handful of people that love backpacks and need to create our own path, this is the reason MHM even exists. We were the unhappy consumers so we took things into our own hands to build a company, products and values we could be proud of. The journey I’ve been through with MHM itself is one of the greatest journeys I’ll ever experience. So yeah, we make backpacks, but it’s much more than that. Those packs are meaningless objects until you pick it up, make it your own and make it part of your journey.

Thank you for your support, I sincerely appreciate it, and make sure you always choose the journey that you want to be on and DEFY NORMAL!

Jeff Popp


Founder & Product Director of MHM

Jeff Popp

President / Product Wizard

Jeff grew up in the foothills near Golden, Colorado and was introduced to the outdoors before he could even walk. From a very early age he was introduced to camping, fishing, hiking and snowboarding. In 2004, he attended the University of Colorado at Boulder. While on the CU Snowboard Team, he spent most of college practicing, traveling and competing. He led the team as captain three of his four years. During this time, he was honored as an All-American and won two national championships.

After graduating from the University of Colorado in 2009, he started designing backpacks and founded the brand MHM. Aside from the freedom of self-employment, Jeff loves directing the product creation and the overall vision of the company. When not working Jeff is usually adventuring and doing ridiculous things with his Fiance, Rachel, and their hounds. He enjoys just about anything to do outdoors, snowboarding, tries to play the guitar (poorly), is addicted to volleyball, traveling, and putting down tacos like a boss.

Casey Lorenzen

Vice President | Brand Overlord

Casey was born in Boulder and grew up in Loveland, Colorado. From an early age, Casey has enjoyed every aspect of the outdoors. After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Business Administration/Marketing, Casey held positions with Quiksilver, the Denver Broncos and Kroenke Sports Enterprises. While building the MHM brand from the ground up, Casey enjoys every facet of running a company including brand management, content creation, marketing, event management and international relations.

While not working Casey enjoys traveling, live music and photography; winning multiple awards and contests as well as having photos published in national publications. With a passion for exploring new cultures and countries, Casey tries to travel the world as much as possible. He spends much of his time in the Colorado mountains snowboarding, backpacking, camping and riding motorcycles, while also devoting as much time as possible with his family and his French bulldog, Monroe.